Safe from Slavery offers female survivors of sex trafficking an opportunity to rebuild their lives through our long-term holistic restorative programme.

The heart of our recovery home is to support and empower survivors of sex trafficking to recognise their self-worth and abilities, to begin the process of emotional healing, and experience freedom from a life of exploitation. We hope to inspire women to dream again and commit to support them in attaining tools and skills to achieve those dreams.

The support we offer includes health, counselling,  developing life skills, fun and leisure, vocational training, personal development, preparing for independent living, opportunity to develop faith, assistance with asylum and immigration, reuniting with family and becoming a valued member of a local community


CHOOSE TO SEE Raising Awareness on the Issue of Sex Slavery.
Sex trafficking thrives on unawareness and misconception; ergo abolition of sex slavery begins with education. Our awareness and training efforts aim to shine light on the issue of trafficking in the U.K. and strive to equip churches, organisations and individuals to know how  assist victims of trafficking.

To request a speaker, please email us at enquiry@safefromsalvery.com


“There is a secret hidden in the shadows where innocence is ravaged and women are ensnared by invisible chains, forced to be sex slaves in a phenomenon called Modern Day Slavery.”

INVISIBLE CHAINS is a powerful walk-through play that exposes this secret and brings to light what has been kept in the dark, in the shadows of sex trafficking. This theatrical experience allows people to interact with the actors, enabling them not only to see what happens to girls that are trapped in the life as commercial sexual workers, but also to perceive the feelings of desperation, fear, and hopelessness as they walked through a replica of a brothel.


A strategic meeting to come together as Freedom Fighters in the U.K.

The aim of Abolition U.K. is to gather and stand together in the fight against Modern Slavery, sharing strategies, news, heart and vision and spending time praying for the victims of this injustice.